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Environmental Policy

QUIN Group as the manufacturer of decorative components, airbag caps and steering wheels, made of wood, leather and high quality plastics, used in automotive interiors is aware of need to care for the natural enviroment and to promote sustainable development.

In accordance with our company values, we care for the environment both by respecting applicable environmental laws and by establishing proper environmental objectives.

Being aware of this commitment and our responsibility, we design our production in the way that an energy-and resource-saving, as well as a low-emission and low-waste production, is ensured.

  • We process raw materials consciously and carefully,
  • We foster the eco-awareness among our employees,
  • We apply good practices of pollution prevention by managing of significant environmental aspects
  • We use natural resources efficiently and economically
  • By taking the appropriate steps we assure the reduction of the negative impact of our company on the environment.

Above guidelines are performed by means of a systematic approach to environmental management based on the requirements of ISO 14001. By providing the necessary resources the QUIN Management commits itself to the implementation of described environmental policy and continuous improvement of our environmental management system as part of the company’s strategic objectives.