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Innovative through research

"Stifterverband" awards the QUIN GmbH with a research seal

The "Stifterverband" appreciates the QUIN GmbH for its special responsibility, which the company takes for the city and the society with the  seal "Innovative through research 2018/2019".

The association is one of the biggest private supporter of science in Germany and awards  all research companies that participate in the survey for  research and developement of the german economy.










Press release: Customer day with Grand Opening and Innovation show: Showcase of the future and high quality trim part solutions for the car interior.

Investment of 10 Mio. Euro: Automotive supplier QUIN opens its new development center in Rutesheim

Rutesheim. The automotive supplier QUIN, a specialist for high quality trim part solutions for car interior, has opened today in Rutesheim its new development center. QUIN was using this opportunity to display to customers and invited guests selected premium car models showing the QUIN product portfolio.
For the construction and modernization of the site QUIN, which belongs since beginning of 2015 to Joyson Group, has invested 10 Mio. Euro. 
On behalf of  Joyson founder Jeff Wang, Christoph Hummel, member of the Joyson Management board and CEO of Preh GmbH, offered congratulations of the Chinese parent company.

The fact that a company with a Chinese owner has massively invested in Rutesheim is a commitment to Germany and the region Stuttgart, which stands especially for innovation and inventiveness.
“The comprehensive modernization and extension of our site is the answer of the dynamic growth of QUIN in the past years. I am happy that we created with attractive high-tech workplaces in our new development center the optimum conditions for future innovation and new growth”, said Uwe Vander Stichelen, Chief Executive Officer of QUIN GmbH. The construction and modernization project was realized in 27 months construction time and includes an overbuild area of 2.700 m², respectively a gross floor area of 4.400 m².

In the past five years QUIN has increased its turnover from 75 Mio. to 156 Mio. Euro in 2017.
For 2018 a double-digit turnover growth is planned. At the site are currently working 210 employees. (Comparative figure in 2016: 160 employees, 2015: 120 employees), a further increase is to be expected. QUIN products are because of their appeal and haptic not only for OEMs an important differentiation factor, but also ensure a minimum weight which is important for the future topic of e-mobility.


Development Center as outlook to the future

QUIN’s unique selling point is to offer trim parts which are produced in the so-called one-step process. In this process the trim part is back injected and front molded in one step. This enables also the direct integration of electronics in the trim part. This offers a lot of connecting points with the sister company Preh GmbH from Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, which is a leading supplier of Driver control systems, Infotainment and Connectivity solutions.

Combining the electronic know-how of Preh and the trim part competence of QUIN, enables QUIN to offer high-quality end-to-end solutions for the car interior.
The new development center offers for the OEM customers of QUIN an insight in technologies of tomorrow.
The so-called “Tech-Center” acts as a showcase of the future. Each new trim part technology, developed and transferred to series production in Rutesheim, can be surveyed in the Tech-Center, just like in a manufactory. In the Tech Center customers can also see how prototypes, studies and design patterns are produced.

„Top quality using high-end materials plus a strong innovative capacity explain our market success“, explains QUIN Uwe Vander Stichelen. „ We are a swabian mid-size company par excellence.  Our team is very inventive and only satisfied with the best solution. With our new development center we have extended our possibilities to face the hard international competition. We are laying the foundation of innovation for tomorrow and secure with this investment the site in Rutesheim, which scores with excellent infrastructure and highly qualified employees.“
QUIN CFO Andreas Thierer, who has supervised the construction site in the headquarter added:
„The investments of around 10 Mio. Euro are a courageous step for a mid-size company like QUIN. Without the support of our investor Jeff Wang this ambitious project for the future would not have been feasible. We would like to express our special thanks to him.“

The contract for the extensive constructional measures and modernization, which include a new 650 m² logistic building , was awarded in January 2015 to the architects of Schmelzle + Partner based Dornstetten in the black forest area.  Besides the new logistic building there was an extensive modernization of the existing building including sanitary facilities, fitness area, laboratory and measurement, building services, break rooms, showroom, Finance and Controlling department, HR and Quality Management department. In addition to that, the office building was connected with the production and logistic building with a bridge, where also meeting rooms and the offices of the General Management are located.

The QUIN GmbH was founded in 2003 out of a merger of the companies Rössler&Weissenberger and Grossmann, which were based in Stuttgart. Since beginning of 2005 this globally acting automotive supplier and trim part specialist belongs to the Joyson Group. QUIN has realized with around 2500 employees (192 located in Germany) a turnover of 156 Mio. Euro. QUIN has sites in Germany, Poland, Romania, China and Mexico.  The Headquarter and Development Center is located in Rutesheim. As a specialist for different decor solutions out of wood, leather, high-quality plastics, foil, carbon fiber and aluminum QUIN develops and manufactures aesthetic and emotional trims for the automotive interior.

QUIN belongs to the Automotive Components Division of the Joyson Group, Ningbo (China). Joy-son was founded in 2004 by Jeff Wang and is one of the top 100 Automotive suppliers in the world.





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