JOYSONQUIN is a global auto parts company, jointly invested by SENSSUN and JOYSON Electronics. JOYSONQUIN is committed to becoming a fashion designer of intelligent automobile interiors and a leader and innovator of new energy vehicle charging and distribution systems.

At the beginning of 2015, JOYSONQUIN completed the acquisition of a German high-end decorative trim part enterprise, and the company became a global supplier for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other OEMs. JOYSONQUIN is currently one of the top three global suppliers for luxury car interior decoration. Additionally, JOYSONQUIN occupies the largest portion of the domestic market share for air management systems, engine air intake systems, and washing systems.

In 2018, JOYSONQUIN developed a series of new products, along with the newly emerging trend of new energy and intelligent driving, leading functional parts and trim parts into a new era of electronic and intelligent interiors. JOYSONQUIN has also formed a strategic partnership with customers in the new energy, high voltage charging and distribution system market.

JOYSONQUIN, a world renowned automotive parts manufacturers, our current product portfolio mainly focuses on new energy, high voltage charging and distribution systems, intelligent cockpit parts, and three unique fields of engine intake systems.

JOYSONQUIN started its business in 2003, and in 2005 already had the ability to support the related R&D and following manufacturing needs for our customer. In 2006, JOYSONQUIN became a first-tier supplier of major OEMs in the world.

In the future, JOYSONQUIN will closely focus on the two themes of intelligence and new energy. Our goal is to provide better services for users in “the third space”, constantly improve user experience, and strive to become a premier fashion designer of high-end and intelligent cockpits, as well as pioneer the future of new energy high voltage charging and distribution systems.


One team. One goal. JOYSONQUIN.


– Integrity

– Employee encouragement

– Emphasis on outstanding achievements

– Support for change

– High performance team

– Diversity and inclusion


Reducing our environmental impact is a priority at JOYSONQUIN and our teams are constantly seeking impactful projects and solutions. We are focusing our efforts on building awareness and conserving resources.

Among our key initiatives are steps to reduce energy consumption and emissions during production. We use formaldehyde-free adhesives and recycled aluminum, for instance. From Mexico to China, our teams identify opportunities to reuse materials and minimize waste. Where possible, we upcycle to give banana and papyrus paper, linen or tree bark a second life — and a new function.

We continue to empower our people to “do more with less” by providing trainings and ensuring compliance with ISO 14001.


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We’re exceptionally proud of the company we keep. Among our valued customers are many of the world’s most renowned auto makers and suppliers.


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