We use only premium materials for our authentic veneer surfaces to derive the ultimate finish including carbon fiber, aluminum, leather and wood. All our authentic materials offer outstanding haptics, durability and scratch and heat resistance.


Natural wood in auto interiors signals elegance and luxury. And, since every tree is unique, every natural veneer sheet we use has its own character. Our technical veneers offer a high level of design variety along with “real wood” feeling. We use them for exclusive designs and to replicate authentic and rare wood patterns.


The unmatched aesthetics and sport look of our carbon fiber applications is a clear favorite and the material of choice for high-end vehicle interiors.


The impeccable finish and unique styling of our decorative aluminum trims leaves a lasting impression and plays a large part in the aesthetic appeal of any car interior.


Our leathers are unsurpassed in comfort and provide a premium feel. We exclusively use genuine leathers of the highest quality and durability to create innovative surface designs for trims and steering wheels.